Closet components (drilled, banded panels)

Elements can cut, band and machine your parts


Do you like cutting large panels on a table saw, edgebanding by hand and drilling a million holes? Of course you don’t, but we do! Our CNC machines cut, band and machine panels quickly and with precision. All you have to do is pick them up!

Just send us a cut list

Send us an email. We will send you back a link where you can paste in your cut list. You can pay with a credit card and pick up your parts within a week of your order.

Quality panels

  • Very accurate part sizes
  • No chipping or blowout
  • PUR (polyurethane) edgeband glue that simply will not delaminate
  • Various drilling patterns available for shelf and rod holes
  • Hinge drilling available
  • Many fasteners available, including Rafix, LockDowel, Lamello and more
  • Melamine and laminate colors available from Aura Hardwoods and Royal Plywood

Component program FAQs:

Do you cut cabinet parts? This program is focused primarily on closet components. However, if you have a lot of shelves, etc., we can cut/band/machine them for you. Not included in this service: finished ends, toe kicks, drawer boxes, assembly, etc. If you want cabinets we can provide you an estimate but not as part of this component program.

I already cut my panels. Will you just band them for us? No. This program involves cutting, banding and machining complete parts. 

Can I purchase my own material and bring it to you? No. Our process is most efficient when we order your materials for you and sell you finished parts. If we order too much, that’s our problem, not yours.

Can you cut a large job for me, fill 9 carts and leave it in your shop for 3 weeks while I go on vacation to the Bahamas? No! We ask our customers to please pick up their parts within 2 days of completion.

I have a cutlist. Can I just send it to you? Yes. We will send you a link to a Google spreadsheet and ask that you simply paste your parts into the sheet. 

Can I keep the drops? We prefer to keep the fall-off material and edgebanding. If we need to remake a part for any reason you will be happy we have this guideline.

Read our panel component operating guide 

Check out these panels!

And the machines that make it possible…

Beam saw


Point to point CNC










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