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Millwork library

Millwork library for architects and designers

Architects and designers need love too, so Elements has created a library of CAD drawings and “big rules” to help them design WIC-certified cabinets, countertops, and panels. What is the standard height for a break room counter top? When should I design two doors instead of just one? How many drawers? How much space is there between the base and upper cabinets? We answer these questions and more and it’s free to architects and designers.

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Architect Support Site
Sections Notes
Cabinet standards
ADA password protected
Standard heights, widths, and depths registration required
Rules of thumb – pricing, material options Architects, contractors
Fronts – sizes
Drawers – sizes
Drawer glides
Panel connectors, i.e. Zclips
Trash pullouts
Toe kicks
Sink openings
Dishwasher openings
Cabinet drawings (for download)
Manresa (plan, elevation, cross section) CAD and .pdf
Rockview 12′ base cabinets with countertop
Countertop drawings (for download)
Laminate CAD and .pdf
Solid surface
Woods appearance, durability, finish, weight
Solid surface
Engineered stone
Natural stone
Standards and utilities
Inches to fractions to metric conversion table